on Mar 13, 2011

Gnomeo and Juliet is now out in Theaters!

I did Lighting and Compositing for the film.

Here is a new demo reel with some shots from the film in it.

High Quality on Vimeo here:


Low Quality:

Camelot a Live Action Mini Series that I am currently working on is set to come out in April, once that is released I will be create another DemoReel with hopefully more Gnomeo shots as well as some of my Camelot work.

Demo Reel April 09

on Apr 17, 2009

My First Demo Reel of the new year, I may change a few clips still.


on Mar 12, 2009

Some poster/postcard concepts for my film.
Was debating adding my name to the vertical poster, and made a version with that attached.
I seem to prefer this more minimalist version though.


on Feb 15, 2009

Only a few rendered frames to give a sense of what the final film will look like.
This is a small chunk of a much larger piece of animation.

A large lens zoom, this is from the robots point of view and his inner screen will be added in time.
More to come in time!

Life Drawing 4th Year Portfolio

Some samples from 4th year life drawing, these are the few that I feel turned out the best.
Gotta keep up the life drawing to keep skills balanced.
Too much 3d will be the death of me!

Mostly 10 min poses.

4th Year Film Stills

on Feb 12, 2009

A few sample renders from my new film, some fully rendered scenes will be uploaded when the time is right.

Fx - Waves and Fire Examples

This video was a group project completed for Sidefx this past summer.
I worked on the lighting, water/ground shaders, simulation tests and composting.

I link to higher quality can be found here: Crashing Waves

A fire transfer example completed for Sidefx Software this past summer.
The project to my delight was also chosen as the splash screen for Houdini Master.
Rendered in passes, comped in Houdini's COP's.

Higher quality can be found here: Firexfer

Old blog remains

on May 8, 2006

Painted in Gouache, Inspired from Samurai Champloo.

4 years old now, thought I should leave something up from that ollld blog!